700TB With Best In Class Hard+Carpet Surface Kit

Beam Alliance Air Kit Designed to clean all hard floor surfaces- Kit comes with crushproof hose. With variable speed communication with the power unit to offer the user different suction levels while cleaning.Beam Alliance Q Kit The 3 way -110V/24V crush-proof hose set has a variable speed control function on the hose that communicates with the power unit allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of suction you require The power head has 3 levels of height adjustment to tackle any size carpet.Accessory tools are included. VISIT STORE FOR IN STORE SPECIALS.
  • Crush proof hose
  • Deluxe floor brush
  • 3 in 1 accessory tool
  • 24 volt variable speed operation
  • 3 Year parts Warranty
  • On Off switch with variable speed 2 way communication with power unit
  • Crushproof 30 or 35' electric hose
  • Open loop hose handle
  • Alliance Q Powerhead
  • 3 in 1 accessory tool
  • deluxe bare floor tool
  • 3 year parts Warranty
  • 5 Year parts Warranty on Q Powerhead

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