Understanding a Rough In for Central Vacuum

There are a few different types of vacuum rough in's for central vacuums systems. This page will help you identify what you have in your home. and what needs to be done to get you on your way to clean with a beam central vacuum system.

Basic Builder Rough In:

The builder is responsible for running the piping from the nearest finished area to the nearest unfinished area. Please see the drawing below

As You can see the builder runs the piping thru the walls of the main and upper floors. They aren't connected together. The are just simply run thru the walls. And is ready to have a professional or a DIY'er to create a "trunk line" thru the basement and run it out into the garage. There can be more of these points throughout the house or fewer, Always at least one per floor.

Many customers assume everything is ready to go and all they have to do is connect the one pipe in the celing of the garage and everything will work. This isn't the case as you can see.

Upgraded Builder Rough In:

As You can see this is where builder runs the piping thru the walls of the main and upper floors, and also connects the rest of the line through the basement. You will have an outlet in the basement of your home and everything is set up to run and all you have to do is connect the main unit in the garage and install the face plate.

If your home dose not have this set up, don't worry we can easily do it for you. It's also in your best interest as we don't charge nearly the premium the builder dose to do this.

As you can see by the red line this is what needs to be done if your have a basic builder rough in. You need to convert it to the full rough in.

Still have question feel free to email us, we are here to help!

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